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"Does my river have enough water?"  We have designed surf waves down to 150 cubic feet per second flows

"Does the river have drop or gradient?" You need power to create a wave - fast or falling water is power

"Where is it located?  Near a city, businesses, parks or access?"

"Are there opportunities to add a surf wave to a larger river or infrastructure projects like a restoration, bridge, intake, diversion, river stabilization or flood conveyance?"


We believe in a holistic approach to wave design.  Almost all of our waves have been done as part of a larger river project - integrated.  We have the expertise to design a turn key wave project including most, if not all, the integrated elements.  This is key to a successful and cost effective wave.  Designing just the wave is not enough.  Where this has been attempted there have been cost, performance, and safety problems.  Mwdg has the experience and expertise to integrate the wave with an entire river project for a seamless,  economical and successful project.

Drop us a line so we can help you make it happen in your city on your river.


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