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river surf park, river surfing, river wave

We are surfers and engineers.  Our firm offers full civil engineering, water resources and river recreation design services backed by the most experienced and largest firm in the industry.  We are licensed professional engineers as is required for wave design in the USA, Canada and Europe.  Surf waves are super specialized and technical but it is also an art that only a surfer can really know.


Feasibility - Planning - Design - Permitting - Funding - Construction Support - Start-up


Surf Waves - Kayak Waves/Holes - Adjustable Wave Features - Recreational Whitewater - Pumped Recirculating Courses - Dam Bypasses - Diversions/Intakes - Dam Safety - Restoration

Fish Passage - Flood Conveyance - Channel Stabilization - River Parks - Put Ins/Take Outs/Trails

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