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Waves are rare and difficult to design.  Ever wonder why there aren't many naturally occurring river waves or they come in at very specific flows?  For a wave to form everything has to come together just right.  Rick McLaughlin realized this decades ago - then he developed (and patented) the WaveShaper, the first and only truly adjustable wave feature, to create waves anyways.  What is remarkable about his invention is not just that it creates really good surf waves but it does it over huge fluctuations in river conditions.  Our WaveShaper technology has been used at the best man-made surf waves to date, with many more coming soon. 


Is it expensive?  No.  Typically only adding 10-20% to a wave's cost, but the payback from better wave quality and consistency more than makes up for it.  Look at Boise, where they have quality surf waves 365 days a year - unheard of for a non-WaveShaper surf wave.  


Make your next surf wave adjustable with WaveShaper technology for better waves, more days.     

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